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It starts with an idea

Years of plotting and planning and way too much coffee


You're a creator.

An artist.

Your friends tell you to zip it and just start the project


You've polished your manuscript, you've bored your barista with too many plot changes, you're nearly ready to submit



Welcome! I'm Stacey Graham, an agent with 3 Seas Literary representing talented authors and illustrators from around the globe in picture books, middle grade, romance, graphic novels, and nonfiction.


  • Adult — Romance (on hold for now)

  • Spooky and/or hilarious middle grade

  • Nonfiction — I’m looking for fun, quirky, fascinating topics with strong commercial appeal and a great platform. Specifically looking for how-to books, antiques, and craft books

  • Graphic novels — MG/YA/Adult

To pitch me your project, please visit QueryTracker with your query, synopsis, and first chapter for fiction or your query and full book proposal for nonfiction. For graphic novels, please submit query and a link to your portfolio. 

Pitch me your project at the virtual Michigan Writing Workshop, February 4-5, 2022! Looking for: MG, Nonfiction, Graphic Novels, and open only for these workshops until further notice: Romance.


Want advice on your project, query, or first page? I have online/phone ten-minute consultations, 10-50-100-page critiques, and occasional ten-page reads with a 15-minute consultation open monthly through Manuscript Academy. Let's grab some virtual coffee and chat! Note: These are not pitch sessions. To query, please use the QueryTracker link above. Thanks!

Join me for ghost story discussions at the Overbooked Book Club

Meeting date & time: Last Sunday of the month at 8p EST.

I'm in the business of connections. Bringing an incredible book into the hands of an editor—and later a reader —is an amazing feeling and one I hope to share with you on your publishing journey.

Writing by the Water

Client news

Congratulations to Abby Jimenez on her New York Times Bestseller, Life's Too Short! Look for Part of Your World coming April 2002 and Just My Type in 2023!

More love is in the air with the third installment of Barb Curtis's Sapphire Springs trilogy, Falling for You, coming March 2022. Find Forever with You and Only for You at your favorite booksellers.

Dana Edwards's charming middle grade Drive-Thru Miracle, coming April 2022, is hotter than a pepper patch and the perfect summer read!

Congratulations to April Snellings on her upcoming book with 1984 Publishing to be released in 2022!

Welcome to illustrator Keenan Gaybba! His artwork for Dracula's Brunch Club with collaborator and fellow agent-sibling Brian Gonsar is as funny as it is diabolical.

Romance is blooming with my two new romance writers, Natania Barron and Sean McConnell. A sapphic Bridgerton with witches and a spooky haunted house romance? Netherford Hall is on submission now!

Find me on social media: Twitter | Facebook

Contact: stacey[at]threeseaslit.com — All queries must go through the Querytracker link above. Queries sent through email will not be read.

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