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Welcome! I'm Stacey Graham, an agent with 3 Seas Literary representing talented authors and illustrators from around the globe in picture books, middle grade, romance, graphic novels, and nonfiction. I am a member of the Association of American Literary Agents. 


  • Adult — Romance (only on referral)

  • Spooky and/or hilarious middle grade

  • Nonfiction — I’m looking for fun, quirky, fascinating topics with strong commercial appeal and a great platform. Specifically looking for how-to books, antiques, and craft books

  • Graphic novels — MG/YA/Adult

  • Mystery

Prep your pro pitch packet for submission! Before clicking the link for QueryManager, have these things ready to go.

  • Query

    • 250-300 words

    • Discuss stakes, world, main characters, why readers will love/be invested in your main characters' stories

    • What's the hook?

    • Brief bio including professional writing credits

    • For nonfiction projects, please include professional affiliations if applicable

  • Synopsis

  • Sample chapters

    • Two sample chapters

    • Doc or Docx only

    • I suggest naming the file something such as: LASTNAME-TITLE-Partial (or full)

  • Nonfiction book proposal: Need a guide? I break it down bit by bit here

To pitch me your project, please visit QueryManager with your query, synopsis, and sample chapters for fiction or your query and full book proposal for nonfiction. For graphic novels, please submit query and a link to your portfolio.


What am I looking for on my #MSWL? My Pinterest page has a great selection of projects I've sold, projects I wish I had sold, and ideas that I'm looking for in books now. 


Want advice on your project, query, or first page? I have online/phone ten-minute consultations, 10-50-100-page critiques, and occasional ten-page reads with a 15-minute consultation open monthly through Manuscript Academy. Let's grab some virtual coffee and chat! Note: These are not pitch sessions. To query, please use the QueryTracker link above. Thanks!

Can we take a break for just a moment and figure out what the heck is going on with that banner?

Straight up murder or...inspiration? 

Definitely murder.

Someone should check on the artist and look through their garbage.

I've seen enough Dateline to know there's a foot or something in there by now.

Client news

Congratulations to Abby Jimenez on her New York Times Best Seller and Minnesota Book Award winner, Life's Too Short! Her newest book and New York Times Best Seller, Part of Your World is available now and look for Yours Truly in 2023!

More love is in the air with the third installment of Barb Curtis's Sapphire Springs trilogy, Falling for You. Find Falling for You along with its series prequels Forever with You and Only for You at your favorite booksellers.

Dana Edwards's charming middle grade Drive-Thru Miracle, is hotter than a pepper patch and the perfect summer read!

Congratulations to April Snellings on her upcoming book with 1984 Publishing to be released in 2023!

Congratulations to Kristen Alicia on her new deal with Amara for Try Me, coming in winter 2023! 

A big 3 Seas Literary welcome to Gothic mystery writer Eleanor Orebi Gann and her fabulous story The Smiling Women of Harrowgrave Hall!


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Contact: stacey[at] — All queries must go through the QueryManager link above. Queries sent through email will not be read.

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