Freelance editing


I’ll search your manuscript line by line to find pesky cliches, duplicate words, spelling and grammatical errors, passive voice, and glaring plot holes. You’ll receive a report back on overall tone and structure of your manuscript and I’ll make suggestions while still helping you keep your voice throughout your story or nonfiction work.

Included: A free 15-minute Google Hangout, Zoom, or phone consultation!

$3.00 per page.


Straight-up edits with no feedback.

$2.50 per page


Suggestions on the overall tone, structure, and plot but no editing.

$3.00 per page.


Plot, voice, structure—writing a picture book isn’t for the meek. Let’s wrestle those 700 words into something awesome.




Okay, not quite, but writing query letters can seem like running into a brick wall. If you’re not getting the response you’d like with your pitch, let’s work on it together to make it past the spam filter.




  • Contact me with what type of edits or consultation you’re looking for for this project, plus the word count.

  • I will ask for a copy of the manuscript via Word Doc and get back to you in a jiffy with a quote for my editing services (see note on word count).

  • If the fee is acceptable, I will invoice you through PayPal for 50% of the balance if it is over $100.00. Amounts under $100.00 will be invoiced in full.

  • Once the deposit is received, I will edit and critique your project. This process may take up to four weeks depending on the size of the project.

  • When finished with my edits, I will email you the status of the work and invoice you for the final amount, if needed.

  • Once payment is complete, I will send the edited project with notes. Track Changes will be used within the document.

  • You dominate the literary world.


To avoid any conflict of interest as an agent with Red Sofa Literary, I will be unable to consider manuscripts that I have worked on as an editor.

One page equals two hundred and fifty words.

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Thank you for popping in. I'm Stacey Graham, an agent with 3 Seas Literary representing amazing authors from around the globe in picture books, middle grade, romance, graphic novels, and nonfiction.

Current wishlist
  • Adult — Romance. I never met a trope I didn’t like
  • Spooky and/or hilarious middle grade
  • Nonfiction — I’m looking for fun, quirky, fascinating topics with strong commercial appeal and a great platform. Specifically looking for how-to books, antiques, and craft books
To pitch me your project, please visit QueryTracker here with your query, synopsis, and first chapter for fiction or your query and full book proposal for nonfiction.